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links for friday

Fri 04 September 2015 — filed under links

An occasional linkdump, in no particular order:

Richard Beck did an interesting series of posts on TNC's recent book (which I still haven't read):

Some of these I'm not even sure what they are anymore. Click and find out!

Oh wait, this paternoster thing is actually really cool, check it out:

This Wendell Berry thing is a poem, but it's actually okay:

So, friends, every day do something that won't compute.

This hackers thing is about the L0pht, which used to be a big deal. The story in Belt about the MC5 playing a catholic school was just good fun.

This thing in Aeon will probably bear repeated readings, and it'll put a few things on your to-read list:

where the hot dogs were

Fri 08 May 2015 — filed under chicago

You may have read a recent interview in the Chicago Reader with Rich Bowen about the book he wrote in 1983 with Dick Fay: "Hot Dog Chicago: A Native's Dining Guide". I dunno, I didn't read the article until I started writing this post. I have an ex-library ...

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making chicago community area cartograms

Fri 27 March 2015 — filed under rhetoric

I wrote some code that will turn datasets for the 77 community areas of Chicago into simple cartograms, allowing quick-and-dirty visualizations. It's for Python, using matplotlib.

It can produce output like this, which shows the percentage of people 20-29 in each neighborhood, with each box ...

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1939 Chicago city council action on the Ft. Dearborn star

Tue 10 February 2015 — filed under history

I’ve scanned in the pages from the Journal of the Chicago City council from December of 1938, when it added the fourth star for Ft. Dearborn. A couple of interesting notes:

  • No mention of a “massacre”.
  • The Commission responsible for the recommendation also proposed the installation of the outline ...
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always read the study

Mon 09 February 2015 — filed under rhetoric

At The Public Discourse (before launching into a pretty tendentious Natural Law “explanation” of transgender) Carlos D. Flores writes:

Those in favor of transgenderism also (naturally) support gender-reassignment surgery as a perfectly legitimate medical procedure for individuals (including children) with gender dysphoria. Now, put to one side the fact that ...

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