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more family trouble from the 19th century

Sat 14 November 2015 — filed under history

A fistfight on the courthouse steps, 1871: fistfight on the courthouse steps

A grand larceny charge, 1890:

grand larceny grand larceny

links for a friday

Fri 23 October 2015 — filed under links

links for friday

Fri 04 September 2015 — filed under links

An occasional linkdump, in no particular order:

Richard Beck did an interesting series of posts on TNC's recent book (which I still haven't read):

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Preliminary investigations into the six-pointed stars of Erbach

Sun 09 August 2015 — filed under history

My grandfather was born in the village of Mömlingen, Germany in 1907, and emigrated to the United States in the early 1930s. Here's his dad, my great-great-grandfather, and the city crest of Mömlingen:

isidor city crest of  Mömlingen

You might note the two 6-pointed starsin German, the "zwei sechsstrahligen weißen Sternen". These six-pointed ...

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summer vacation 2015

Sat 06 June 2015 — filed under potentiality

So we're looking at going on a vacation road trip this summer, an adventure made of diesel fuel, fried clams, Canadian currency, overnight ferries, and fresh oysters.

map Chicago->Portland

From Chicago to Pittsburgh to my own original hometown of New London (funnelcake! Mystic! that smell of my grandparents' attic I remember ...

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