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Who voted against the Thirteenth Amendment in the House?

Tue 08 January 2013 — filed under rhetoric

Mr. Spielberg doesn’t want you to know.

“If you go through the names that we call out on the vote, you’re not going to find a lot of those names that conform to history,” he said in an interview with CBS last year. “And that was in deference to the families.”

These names ought to be remembered. Voting has consequences.

James C. Allen (IL)
William J. Allen (IL)
Sydenham Elnathan Ancona (PA)
George Bliss (OH)
James Brooks (NY)
James S. Brown (WI)
John W. Chanler (NY)
Brutus J. Clay (KY)
Samuel S. Cox (OH)
James A. Cravens (IN)
John Littleton Dawson (PA)
Charles Denison (PA)
John R. Eden (IL)
Joseph K. Edgerton (IN)
Charles A. Eldredge (WI)
William E. Finck (OH)
Henry Grider (KY)
William Augustus Hall (MO)
Aaron Harding (KY)
Henry W. Harrington (IN)
Benjamin G. Harris (MD)
Charles M. Harris (IL)
William S. Holman (IN)
Philip Johnson (PA)
William Johnston (OH)
Martin Kalbfleisch (NY)
Francis Kernan (NY)
Anthony L. Knapp (IL)
John Law (IN)
Alexander Long (OH)
Robert Mallory (KY)
William H. Miller (PA)
James R. Morris (OH)
William Ralls Morrison (IL)
Warren P. Noble (OH)
John O’Neill (OH)
George H. Pendleton (OH)
Nehemiah Perry (NJ)
John V. L. Pruyn (NY)
Samuel J. Randall (PA)
James Carroll Robinson (IL)
Lewis W. Ross (IL)
John Guier Scott (MO)
William G. Steele (NJ)
John Dodson Stiles (PA)
Myer Strouse (PA)
John T. Stuart (IL)
Lorenzo De Medici Sweat (ME)
Dwight Townsend (NY)
William H. Wadsworth (KY)
Elijah Ward (NY)
Chilton A. White (OH)
Joseph W. White (OH)
Charles H. Winfield (NY)
Benjamin Wood (NY)
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