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where the hot dogs were

Fri 08 May 2015 — filed under chicago

You may have read a recent interview in the Chicago Reader with Rich Bowen about the book he wrote in 1983 with Dick Fay: "Hot Dog Chicago: A Native's Dining Guide". I dunno, I didn't read the article until I started writing this post. I have an ex-library copy of the book, and it's got a check-out card in it. July 22, 1986 and July 1, 1999 were the only two times it was checked out. Sad, really. Kaneville, Illinois, you really didn't know how good you had it.

Anyways, here's a map of the 84 hot dog stands they reviewed in 1983. 30 of them are still open. © ted whalen Powered by Pelican and tufte-css. Icons by Font Awesome and Font Awesome More