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neighborhoods where babies grow up and leave

Sat 04 April 2015 — filed under chicago

graph of chicago hoods

Children age 0-3 per child age 4-7, by community area. Boxes scaled by number of kids age 0-3. A score around 1.0 would indicate that infants stay and become school-age children, a score above that means there's a net outflow as babies age. Basically, this shows the neighborhoods ...

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making chicago community area cartograms

Fri 27 March 2015 — filed under rhetoric

I wrote some code that will turn datasets for the 77 community areas of Chicago into simple cartograms, allowing quick-and-dirty visualizations. It's for Python, using matplotlib.

It can produce output like this, which shows the percentage of people 20-29 in each neighborhood, with each box ...

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1939 Chicago city council action on the Ft. Dearborn star

Tue 10 February 2015 — filed under history

I’ve scanned in the pages from the Journal of the Chicago City council from December of 1938, when it added the fourth star for Ft. Dearborn. A couple of interesting notes:

  • No mention of a “massacre”.
  • The Commission responsible for the recommendation also proposed the installation of the outline ...
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always read the study

Mon 09 February 2015 — filed under rhetoric

At The Public Discourse (before launching into a pretty tendentious Natural Law “explanation” of transgender) Carlos D. Flores writes:

Those in favor of transgenderism also (naturally) support gender-reassignment surgery as a perfectly legitimate medical procedure for individuals (including children) with gender dysphoria. Now, put to one side the fact that ...

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Sayers on "work"

Mon 04 March 2013 — filed under ontology

The modern tendency seems to be to identify work with gainful employment; and this is, I maintain, the essential heresy at the back of the great economic fallacy which allows wheat and coffee to be burnt and fish to be used for manure while whole populations stand in need of ...

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