The summer is sneaking up on me again. I was just thinking about how unreasonable it is that it could be so hot and humid, and how strange it was that a thunderstorm could materialize out of nothing in the afternoon and disappear just as quickly. Now it's starting to sink in that it might be summer. I still open my sweater drawer every morning, just out of habit.

I walked the few blocks down to the Argyle neighborhood in the rain earlier. The wind blew the rain around, made me unsure of where and how to hold my umbrella.

-- tew 2002-06-10 16:07:33

Late Monday night, I installed my air conditioner in one of my bedroom's windows. I haven't turned it all-the-way on yet, since I can get my room down to a comfortable climate with just the air conditioner's fan and the ceiling fan. I'm prepared, though, for the heat that I know is coming. I've accepted that the summer is here. I just need to buy two cases of Flav-Or-Ice and I'll be all set.

-- tew 2002-06-12 16:17:11