Got the call today from Human Resources. I get to fill out paperwork tomorrow morning at nine, and I get to start "work" on Monday. We'll see what that amounts to. I suppose I should have haggled over the salary, but I'm not in the mood, after two years of irregular employment.


Had a meeting today with the Human Resources people at Northwestern. I understand that it was just a formality. The rumor is that I could have a job offer by "the middle of next week". Does that mean I'd start August 1? No idea.


It looks like I'm going to be working at Northwestern again, again in the Psychology department. One way of looking at this is that I've failed, that I'm falling backwards to where I was three years ago. Another way of looking at this is that I'm figuring out where I am happy, what I like to do, what I'm good at, and building on what's worked for me in the past. Yet a third way of looking at this is that I just really need to pay off my credit cards.

I'm really excited about taking the train to work again. Riding the train to Evanston daily was usually the highlight of my day, and it gave me all kinds of journal fodder. I'm also thrilled when I think about having people to talk to during the day. Being under-employed and/or working from home or from a small office the past few years has been probably rougher on me than I realize. Being social, drinking coffee, and eating lunch every day will catapult me into heights of health that I've never imagined.


So I'm looking for a new job. Mom suggests that I look for something at alma mater, so I can finish up my degree with a minimum of fuss. After that, I would only have some 11th grade math homework left on my to-do list.

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