Well, turns out that I'd already read Making History, at some point in the past. But, I plowed through both that and Road Scholar on the train on the way to New York. I worked on No Logo in the spacious (yet very very warm) grand waiting room of Chicago's Union Station, but couldn't get really interested. In New York, I started on The Paris Commune, but had less time to read than I thought I would, so didn't get much more than halfway. I went through Plowing the Dark like a hot knife through butter, both on vacation and on the train back to Chicago. I think I'll need to go back and read it again, looking for the bits I missed. I started on Blue Highways on the train when the sun came up. I'll finish it before I return it. The Murakami I didn't even open. I'll read it this weekend.


I am going on vacation for 6 days, to Mayville, New York (Lake Chautauqua).

This is what I'll be reading on my train journey to-and-from, and while there:

See also: lightning, executory.

Appendix A

Mayville, New York