mę;rigraf, . f. L. mari-, mare sea + -graph. An instrument for automatically recording the rise and fall of the tide; a tide-gauge.

God, I love some of these words.

So last night's dreaming was a scary scary thing. Not only did I have the hey-I'm-back-in-high-school-and-we're-putting-on-a-play anxiety dream, complete with enormous rickety staircase five floors above the stage and ridiculous pipe organ, I also had the returning to college for second semester dream. This one was jam packed with: lost set of keys, new roommate, roommate's mother died, roommate was gay, roommate was date raped, people in dorm didn't like me, bunch of my stuff was missing, missing coursework for last term's classes, and failure to take exams for last term's classes. Surprisingly, the only thing that /really/ bothered me was the missing keys, and I eventually found them before waking up.

So with all of that taken care of for today, I can go ahead and enjoy the sunshine. I'm beginning to think that Chicago weather may be the best on earth, since it's so crappy nearly all the time, you REALLY appreciate the nice days when you have them.

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