I started on a paper diary last night. I'm making a real effort there to write the things I can't (won't) write here. Also, I'm trying to keep my handwriting neat. The sudden rebirth of the journalistic urge? Unexamined.

I've been pouring myself into being a friendly person of late. I think that's the sort of thing I have to do when I'm down -- go out, try to have fun, etc. It's tempting (and possible, so possible) to sleep away the weeks. I managed to wake up this morning at 8. Listened to the radio for a while, then was out of the apartment by 9:10. I really wanted to hear a song by Ida, but I couldn't remember which album it was on. The lyrics I remembered: "Your love isn't gone/It's just moved on". The lyrics I didn't: "It's inside you now/It feels so heavy".

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