Pounders. Tall Boys. Let's talk about the joys therein. I've recently discovered how great it is to buy a six-pack of over-sized, 16oz cans of Chicago's Beer: Old Style. Some call them "pounders" for their sixteen ounces, I prefer to think of them as "tall boys". The increased height of the can adds some elegance and grace to the sipping, and here on the north side of town, the Wrigley-inspired ivy on the can really classes them up. Sure, you could pour it into a pint glass, but who are you trying to fool?

Another hidden joy of the tall boy sixer is snapping the cans out of the plastic rings. Drinking bottled beer for the past couple of years, I'd forgotten the simple pleasure in popping a frosty can out of its collar and cracking it open. There's something about opening a can of beer that the bottle just can't capture. I don't know if I'm going to forswear the bottle entirely, since I do love the short, squat bottles you get in a 12-pack of Old Style, but the six-pack of cans is moving up my list of favorite things.