This is pretty much what I look like these days. This striped shirt is very atypical for me. I hardly ever wear anything with a pattern on it. Solid colors make up the vast majority of my wardrobe. Anyway, this shirt is really in a lot worse shape than is apparent from this photo. It used to belong to my dad, so it had about 20 years of wear on his part, then I got my hands on it and it really started to fall apart. I guess we're lucky it's not stained, but it certainly has a hole or two. And it's wearing thin. I don't think I'll be able to wear it very many more times. So you're lucky to see me in it.

Right now, I'm wearing glasses. This picture represents the me of a week ago, who still had enough solution to wear contact lenses a couple of times a week. I need to buy more, and also pick up some shaving cream. So yeah, imagine this guy above with glasses, a one-day beard, and a black t-shirt, and you'll have a pretty good picture of me.

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