I know you are very busy there at the Estates, but I do sometimes wonder if my life would be improved by the Achewood buttons that I ordered at the beginning of July. It's too late for them to arrive for my birthday (this past Saturday, thanks for asking) Instead of getting into whatever hijinks my pins would have gotten me into, I had some people over and I drank the following:

Drinks 1, 2, 3 were Pimm's Cups. I love these in the summer, because (a) they are garnished with a cucumber and man, are those refreshing and also (b) they remind me of New Orleans and the Napoleon House, perhaps the finest-looking tavern in the Americas. I also like to think about three-day-long cricket matches and maybe servants who call me "Sahib".

Drink 4 was a gin-and-tonic made with this great cucumber gin and garnished with a fresh cucumber slice. I know you're a vodka-drinking fellow, but I don't hold that against you. This gin was very nice, and I really have no idea where my girlfriend got it, but when you find a girl with fancy imported cucumber gin that comes in a nice box, you hold on to that girl and do not let her go.

Drinks 5 and 6 were two fingers of Booker's bourbon on the rocks. This is a very nice small-batch bourbon which comes in at around 125 proof. This is not bourbon for messing around, even though it is very smooth. This is the kind of bourbon you drink when your 10 closest friends are all over for drinks on your birthday.

Drink 7 was two fingers of Baker's bourbon on the rocks. We ran out of Booker's and this was next on the shelf. 107 proof, with a crisp taste. When I drink straight bourbon, I often get a little involuntary shiver the first time it touches my lips. At this point in the night, I was frankly surprised to get this shiver again. Good stuff.

Sunday morning I woke up and felt pretty fine. I was feeling a little drunk in the shower, but a cup of iced coffee and I was right as rain.

Anyway, this all would have been different if I had my [WWW]Achewood pins. I ordered them on July 6th. It's possible that my mailman sent them back to you, marked "Addressee Unknown". He does that sometimes, for no good reason. I think he is playing a little game with me, only he didn't explain the rules.



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