Yeah. I know.

I fixed my vacuum cleaner today. I didn't know, really, that it was broken. It has this rotating-brush deal at the nozzle end, and ever since I got it, I assumed that the brushes only rotated via friction contact with the floor. I didn't see the point of it, but the whole contraption seemed cheaply-made, and I figured it was there to impress people who might buy it, even if it didn't really have a function. Anyway, my new apartment (oh yeah, I moved, check [WWW]the front page for the new address) is full of loose hairs from the previous occupant (a good friend of mine, even if she did leave all these long hairs everywhere). They clogged the brush spindle, so it stopped rotating. I, since living alone has really encouraged horrible nerdy habits, decided to take the assembly apart and pull the hairs off.

Upon opening it up, I discovered that not only was there a GEAR on the brush cylinder, there was also a TOOTHED BELT in the vicinity of this gear. I was shocked, SHOCKED, to uncover this. Upon re-assembly, the whole thing sprang to life with a clatter and a whirr, and suddenly my vacuum made a lot more sense. I'm happy to report my floors are now a lot more clean.