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Recently I’ve debated with myself the wisdom of being the sort of person who publishes things on the internet. It’s something I started doing when it seemed fashionable and interesting, and probably I never should have started. Does the world need to see this?

Sunday, April 12, 1998

I ate a crapload of Pepperidge Farm cookies. My mother sent them to me for
Easter. Ate the Brussels and Milano cookies first, then dug into the
others. Note to whoever might be buying me cookies in the future: I despise
Chessmen cookies.

I think the jury came back on that sort of thing and the answer is
“Probably not.” Nowadays, I guess we do still do that sort of thing with
social networking, but we attempt to restrict the embarrassment to
friends-of-friends. In my defense, back in 1998, the internet seemed to mostly be composed of friends-of-friends. Anyway, no use pretending that I used to like Chessmen cookies back then — the information is already out there.

Sadly enough, the original 1998-era web journal isn’t currently online here, so those vintage 90s opinions aren’t available right now. Console yourself with the archives linked below, or don’t. I’d prefer if you didn’t.

In any case, I’m Ted Whalen, I started this site 15 years ago, and I find almost everything about it personally mortifying. Please don’t take any links as endorsements, and please don’t read any of my old (or new) arguments as my considered or settled opinions.

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