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cold blooded killers for john kerry

I would love to have one of these buttons, because I am a straight-up thug. I probably shouldn’t link to the page that sells them, since I’m sure that money all gets funneled into buying bombs for abortion clinics.

But DAMN, who wouldn’t want a “Drug Abusers for Kerry” button?

Please, please, people. DO NOT buy any of these buttons for me, no matter how much I beg you. I can’t have that on my conscience.

i’ve been saying this for years

God, this is depressing. Louis Menand, in the New Yorker presents evidence that most voters in America don’t know a damn thing about anything. If you like being depressed about stuff, read this article and wallow in it.

when I was 19, I was in Italy snowboarding in the Alps every weekend

“At any given time, there are about 3,300 Marine recruiters looking for prospects across the country.”
This is the story of one.

the cutest menace ever

Living in Chicago, in a predominantly Hispanic neighborhood, I fear for my straight Protestant white culture every time I go to my favorite gay taqueria and am served chilaquiles by a drag queen. When I see things on the internet like this, it just sends chills down my spine.

crazy theory #2: bush environmental policy an amazing success

Everyone knows that we can’t have both environmental protections and a healthy economy with plenty of jobs. If we try to save the environment, we’ll end up throwing people out of work: timber loggers can’t log, coal miners can’t mine, oil barons can’t bar, etc. I think we’re only weeks away from hearing someone posit the converse to this theory, the brighter side to the 2.3 million jobs that went missing in the Bush administration: obviously, the environment must have gotten that much better!

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