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more family trouble from the 19th century

Sat 14 November 2015 — filed under history

A fistfight on the courthouse steps, 1871: fistfight on the courthouse steps

A grand larceny charge, 1890:

grand larceny grand larceny

Preliminary investigations into the six-pointed stars of Erbach

Sun 09 August 2015 — filed under history

My grandfather was born in the village of Mömlingen, Germany in 1907, and emigrated to the United States in the early 1930s. Here's his dad, my great-great-grandfather, and the city crest of Mömlingen:

isidor city crest of  Mömlingen

You might note the two 6-pointed starsin German, the "zwei sechsstrahligen weißen Sternen". These six-pointed ...

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history of my neighborhood in court records

Tue 21 April 2015 — filed under history

I was trying to figure out the historical boundaries of the "Summerdale" neighborhood when I came across Palmer v. City of Chicago:

excerpt of a 1910 property case

Some time when I have a bit more patience, I'll try to match up the confusing text in this case from 1910 with the modern street names ...

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1939 Chicago city council action on the Ft. Dearborn star

Tue 10 February 2015 — filed under history

I’ve scanned in the pages from the Journal of the Chicago City council from December of 1938, when it added the fourth star for Ft. Dearborn. A couple of interesting notes:

  • No mention of a “massacre”.
  • The Commission responsible for the recommendation also proposed the installation of the outline ...
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