200,000 BTU’s of burning power

And what did you do for Valentine’s Day? Would you believe I saw this thing?

power monster

Realizing that something was needed that would posses superior strength,the engineers began the task of constructing the power monster. The metal marvel began to take shape and after long hours and hard work, Megasaurus was born! This mechanical beast stood over 3 stories tall and weighed 50,000 lbs. 1,000 feet of veins and arteries feed his mechanical heart, pumping at 50 gallons per minute. Blood pressure exceeding 2,500 pounds per square inch, giving him 5 tons of crushing force in each of his mammoth claws. He could lift 30,000 pounds to his gigantic mouth. His massive jaws attaining 15,000 pounds of biting force. To ensure total destruction, Megasaurus was equipped with 200,000 BTU’s of burning power.

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