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So the American Family Association is always good for a laugh. Here’s something I came across yesterday that I found pretty risibile:

The AFA Journal had an article in November/December about the movie Shark Tale, one of those “let’s see how many celebrity voices we can cram into an animated movie” movies. You know it’s a great flick when both Ziggy Marley and Peter Falk contribute voice work.

Anyway, some relevant quotes from the AFA review, headlined ‘Something’s Swishy About Shark Tale . First the lede:

It is an axiom for many parents that, when it comes to teaching kids what they need to know, “It’s never too young to start.”

What happens when Hollywood applies the same axiom to teaching young people — even children — to accept homosexuality?

“What,” you’re saying? “This movie is about GAY FISH?” No, but it has “an undercurrent of approval for homosexuality.”

While it is difficult to prove intent when a film does not explicitly make a character “gay,” the story and dialogue demonstrate an implicit approval of homosexuality.


Of course, when it comes to kids, this is tricky stuff. The film does not come right out and say that we should all accept homosexuality. And, naturally, children should be taught to be accepting of others.

But as Plugged In’s Steven Isaac notes, “Had this movie been released 20 years ago, nobody would have been calling attention to this subject.” Two decades ago, accepting differences meant accepting a person who might have a different skin color, or be from a different ethnic background.

Such differences are immutable characteristics, however, and not sexual choices. In this respect, Shark Tale comes far too close to taking a bite out of traditional moral and spiritual beliefs.

And that’s probably swimming a bit too close to shore for many parents.

So yeah, pretty awesome, huh! I know my day is brighter!

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