not _that_ briar patch, please

Matt Yglesias writes a bunch of smart things most of the time, and then he says something that just makes me cringe:

You could just get together a list of every registered Democrat in the country, then take a statistically valid random sample of 1,000 or so of these people fly them all to a big hotel in Dayton (shades of Balkan diplomacy), and tell them they’re not leaving until some candidate has the support of 600 people. [emphasis added — tew]

Obviously Matt Yglesias has never been to Dayton.

2 Responses to “not _that_ briar patch, please”

  1. Erik says:

    It should be 600 Republicans, picking a democrat that they could tolerate being in the white house. 600 democrats will come out of dayton with a gephart/obama ticket. that might carry illinois in 2008. ps. your comments are working again.

  2. thatbo says:

    I’ve never been to Dayton either. Doesn’t it have any big hotels?

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