another way to make chicago stars

Building on previous work:

a basic pentagram
A regular pentagram

pentagrams have golden triangles for points
has golden triangles for points.

pentagrams have five points
There are five of them,
when you strip off the points
and if you peel them back,

and wrap it around a hexagon
and wrap them around a regular hexagon,
it starts to look..
and add one more point,

like a chicago star
you end up with a Chicago star.

One Response to “another way to make chicago stars”

  1. Erik says:

    Yes, but what municipal values do your star points symbolize?

    The DC flag (w/sucky five-point stars) is scalable by congressional mandate. The proportions of the design are prescribed in terms of the hoist. “The three five-pointed stars have a diameter of 2/10 of the hoist and are spaced equidistant in the fly dimension of the flag.”

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