consumer infantilization

Let us now speak of Jamba Juice. First, the Jamba Juice menu:

Acai Supercharger ™, Matcha Green Tea Blast ™, Turbo Tropic ™ Strawberry Nirvana ™, Mango Mantra ™, Berry Fulfilling ™, Tropical Awakening ™, Protein Berry Pizzazz ™, Orange Dream Machine ™, Jamba Powerboost ®, Coldbuster! ®, Kiwi Berry Burner ®, Banana Berry ™, Strawberries Wild ®, Razzmatazz ®, Berry Lime Sublime ™, Cranberry Craze ®, Orange Berry Blitz ™, Citrus Squeeze ®, Orange-A-Peel ™, Caribbean Passion ®, Aloha Pineapple ™, Mango-A-Go-Go ™, Peenya Kowlada ®, Peach Pleasure ®, Chocolate Moo’d ®, Peanut Butter Moo’d ™.

Please note that the name of every single item is some kind of trademark. Why? Because it’s stupid. Especially note the purposeful misspelling of Pina Colada to allow for this trademarking.

Now, these things are all commonly known as smoothies. Are any of them named “smoothie”? No. Are any named “freeze”, “shake”, “blend” or “frappe”? No. They all have stupid names that it pains me to even consider saying. Is this for legal reasons, so that they can be trademarked? Is the very word “smoothie” owned by some other corporation? Has some consultant advised Jamba Juice that in addition to having a company name that people with any amount of self respect have trouble speaking aloud, they need to give each of their drinks a soul-crushing name?

God forbid you walk in there and shuddering at the sight of the menu, try to order a “Kiwi-Strawberry Smoothie”. You’ll get such a blank, cow-like stare from the brainwashed drone at the register, you’ll wonder if you can ever be happy again. Of course you’ve already guessed that small, medium, and large are not options at Jamba Juice. Here, they’re Sixteen, Original, and Power. POWER!

Internet, I ask you: where have all the sane, sober people in the world gone? Why does everything have to be silly?

5 Responses to “consumer infantilization”

  1. thatbob says:

    I don’t know which is worse, the inconsistent application of the Berry/Very pun, the persistent application of the Moo’d/Mood pun – or the clash caused by using Berry once, Moo’d twice. I think it’s that clash that really gets me.

  2. Internet says:

    Did you remember to use your Jambacard to purchase your Kiwi Berry Burner?

    Then go and refill your Jambacard online! Just don’t read our terms of use. (We’re secretly tracking who orders a “Razzmatazz” and selling the list to the highest bidder!)

  3. ugggg says:

    My personal favorite has to be the ‘rooty tooty fresh and fruity’ meal at IHOP. You’ve got to be kidding me. I flat out refused to say that when I ordered, but the waitress didn’t understand what I meant when I said, “Pancakes with strawberries.” She wouldn’t bring me the meal unless I ordered it by name! Who thought it was a good idea to name food items such painfully embarassing things?

  4. Phil says:

    I also find it hard to have those words come out of my mouth. That’s why I’ve taken to requesting a picture menu and just point at which Jamba I want.

  5. jennpb says:

    I once ordered a beer in Italy named SEXY. I didn’t feel silly at all. I am what I drink.

    Peenya Kowlada. Christ.

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