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Eater X (known to mortals as Tim Janus) set a new world record this weekend in a grilled cheese sandwich eating contest. 31 sandwiches in 10 minutes. No word on how large these sandwiches were, or whether one was allowed to dip them in liquid.

Congrats Eater X, both for winning $1,000, and for besting the Black Widow, Sonya Thomas.

One Response to “in competitive eating news”

  1. JPB says:

    What type of cheese? If it was American cheese, how many slices? What type of bread? Was butter used? I think I could eat at least 27 of these sandwiches if they were built of one (1) slice American cheese, two (2) slices white bread, and one (1) pat of butter per slice of bread. But if it’s Texas toast & cheddar…man. Mad respect to Eater X.

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