Interesting Items for 5/28/2009

  • Brilliance & the Supreme Court []
  • Over at Prawfs, Hillel Levin asks:My question is simple: how smart do you really have to be to be a good Supreme Court Justice?  And, as a follow-up, exactly what is it about Supreme Court judging that requires this level of brilliance? Of course, this question is both ambiguous and vague, because the crucial operative terms in the question are “good” and “smart.”  “Good” and “smart” are both vague, because there is no bright line that distinguishes a […]
  • Phreakmonkey surfs the web with a 300 baud acoustic modem from 1964 []
  • Michael Wilbon – Finally, a Championship for the Alma Mater []
  • But there was one thing I’d never experienced until Sunday night. I’d never seen my alma mater, Northwestern University, win a championship in anything . . . not as a student, nor as an alum.

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