Interesting Items for 5/30/2009

  • Chasing Cool []

  • Reflecting on the brouhaha over the future of American conservatism of late, I am reminded that while it seems evident to me and others on this site that a sizable chunk of conservatives’ problem is that the movement as a whole seems to be doubling down on ideas that have been dealt irreparable blows, there remains a sturdy and increasingly pervasive perception problem as well…

  • Gardner on Justice & Law []

  • John Gardner (University of Oxford – Faculty of Law) has posted The Virtue of Justice and the Character of Law (Current Legal Problems, Vol. 53, No. 1) on SSRN.

    Why should law be thought (by its defenders, by its critics, by itself, by the public, by anyone at all) to be the sort of thing which ought to be just? […]

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