Interesting Items for 6/7/2009

  • Complaint Box | The Big Switch: No Longer Free in a Digital World []

  • Here we were, my two television sets and I, happily growing older together. But then, with one act of Congress and one presidential signature, all three of us became obsolete. No election. No referendum. Not even a chance, as consumers, to decide whether we prefer digital to analog TV.
  • The NYT on the White & Case meltdown []

  • The NYT has a fairly mundane article on the Big Law meltdown, focusing on White & Case.

    So why are big law firms suddenly shrinking? Partly, the Times says, because “in the first quarter of 2009, demand for legal services in New York decreased by nearly 10 percent over 2008, according to the Hildebrandt International Peer Monitor Index.” Demand is down.  Duh.

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