Interesting Items for 6/12/2009

  • Sellers on Cicero & Modern Legal Thought []
  • Mortimer Newlin Stead Sellers (University of Baltimore – School of Law) has posted The Influence on Marcus Tullius Cicero on Modern Legal and Political Ideas (Ciceroniana, the Atti of Colloquium Tullianum Anni, MMVIII) on SSRN.
  • Workaday Morals []
  • Those of us foolish enough to call ourselves “conservative” are forced to admit that culturally and politically at least we live amidst less and less worth conserving.  We can and should continue to mind our own business, and tackle daily life as cheerfully as possible, but some days one wants to take up the fight for the reformation of this bloated and addled culture of ours.  Where to find a cudgel?  With a…
  • Democratic America, Conservative America []
  • And to get on with all other aspects of the restoration of America as the land of big municipal government. As the land of strong unions whose every red cent in political donations buys something specific. As the land of very high levels of co-operative membership, not least including housing co-operatives for the upper middle classes. As the land of small farmers who own their own land. As the land that pioneered Keynesianism in practice.…
  • Communitarianism, Conservatism, Populism and Localism: An Updated Survey []
  • Michael Sandel’s giving of the prestigious Reith Lectures for the BBC (hat tip: the ever-watchful Harry Brighouse at Crooked Timber) has prompted me to return to an old post of mine on communitarianism, and perhaps do some updating of what I wrote then, so as to incorporate the populist and localist ideas that I have since become more familiar with and committed to, and which I see as closely entwined with any…

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