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rss feeds for chicago venues

I’ve made available RSS feeds for both the Empty Bottle and the Bottom Lounge on my calendar page. Those of you who live in Chicago and regularly use a syndicated feed aggregator will find this interesting. The rest of you Luddites can just move along.

Thanks to Andy Baio of for some technical advice. In the future, I hope to inject these events right into, or (in a more perfect world), I expect the venues themselves (or their webmasters) to do the injecting.

more wonderfulness with ical

I’ve fixed the iCal calendar I make for the Fireside Bowl — it seems that mpshows stopped updating the website I was scraping, and switched to a php-based deal. The new-format page has more information, but is in some kind of awful, horrible, non-validating HTML. I changed my script to use BeautifulSoup and now it works even better than before. I also added a calendar for the Bottom Lounge, even though beer is WAY too expensive there.

does anyone use this?

I’ve fixed the iCal calendar I make for the empty bottle — I didn’t realize it was broken until today — how long has it been screwed up? No idea. I should really check my log files to see how active it is.

Actually what I should do is talk to the webmaster there and get access to the database they’re using to build the pages, saving me the trouble of having to scrape all the info out of their horrible non-validating HTML.

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