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World Cup of National Anthems, Group B

A tough group. This could be the “Group of Death” this year.

World Cup of National Anthems, Group A

Post your choices in comments — remember, the top two go through. Results later this week.

Update: Results!

Well, it’s clear that Germany goes through on top, handily. With the near-unbeatable combination of lyrical bombast (Deutschland, Deutschland über alles!), geographical aggression (the rivers name-checked in the first stanza are all in neighboring countries — watch out Lithuania!), and a nod to the finer things in life (German wine, German women, and German song in the little-used second stanza), Das Lied der Deutschen just rolls over the competition. A national anthem designed as a drinking song: true German craftsmanship.

The second slot was a tougher battle. Two Latin American nations versus Poland (which, according to Das Deutschenleid, is actually part of Germany). Poland’s anthem was actually written during a time when Poland didn’t really exist as a state, so that’s a plus. Lyrics about overcoming the enemy and reuniting the nation are pretty awesome, though they lose a few points for name-checking Napoleon. Still, enough to go through against Ecuador and Costa Rica. Those two anthems are really nothing special.

Winner: Germany. Runner-Up: Poland.


The July issue of the Flagwaver appeared on the internets recently, containing an editorial response to my complaints about their depiction of the Chicago Flag in their December 2000 issue. They’re dismissive of my originalist argument, preferring some combination of strict constructionalism and textualism. Clearly, some legistlative action is called for. Update: Loyal reader S.G. points out more Chicago flag related action in the soccer arena, relating to the third uniform design worn by the Chicago Fire.

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