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boots for the winter city, pt. 2

Previously, I wrote about my travails finding appropriate winter boots which both didn’t look stupid and also kept the rain and snow out. Since it’s rain-and-snow time here in Chicago again, I think it’s time to revisit this question. Also, I’ve been thinking a lot about wardrobe and footwear lately, under the influence of Flusser. As always, I’ve consulted the internet crazies on this topic. This time, the men’s traditional fashion crazies: here and here.

I’ve given a little thought to it, and I’m thinking now that my 6″ Bean boots are slippery simply because they’re worn out. So, I’m going to bow to the pressure of my Connecticut birth and stick with the made in Maine stuff. Here’s the plan:

L.L. Bean 8″ Bean Boots with Thinsulate/GoreTex lining. The best of the traditional leather/rubber boot with the added benefits of modern science.

boots for the winter city

In my ongoing efforts to make this blog as simultaneously uninteresting and strangely fascinating as possible, I am know going into detail about my thought processes concerning appropriate footwear for snowy days in the city.

l.l. bean 6'' rubber boot

This is the boot I currently own. It’s a 6″ L.L. Bean rubber/leather boot, in tan and brown. It’s waterproof, but it’s uninsulated, it’s too big for my foot, and it’s not tall enough. The lack of insulation and size do not bother me when I’m wearing crazy, over-thick socks, but the height bothers me whenever the snow is more than three inches deep.

Growing up, I used to have “moon boots”, which I understand are back in a big way, but let’s assume they’re not for me. I also used to have a set of nice black rubber galoshes, with about a dozen buckles, which I would wear over my sneakers. They weren’t very warm, but they were waterproof, black, and shiny.

Now, my Dad had some pretty sweet winter footwear. He had rubber overshoes, which he’d pull on over his nice dress shoes. These seemed cheap, though. I don’t think I’d want to walk a mile in them. He also had these great lace-up leather/rubber winter boots, with removable liners made of what I remember as felt, but what may have been some kind of wool. I wonder what happened to those when he moved to Florida. Gone, I’ll bet.

A man with my background and upbringing immediately thinks of L.L. Bean when it comes to this kind of thing — and they present a panoply of boot options, including hunting boots! I don’t know anything about hunting, and I’m hard-pressed to tell you how hunting boots might differ from hiking boots. Maybe it’s easier to wipe blood off of hunting boots, or perhaps these are the boots in which you can hide your bowie knife.

Columbia’s got something called a “Titanium Ice Dragon Winter Boot”, which frankly scares me.

I think I’d like something around 8″ tall, preferably with a real sole, not a rubber sole like the Bean boots. Those soft rubber soles don’t work so great on slick city pavement. You know who probably has good boots for walking around in the city in the winter — letter carriers! Can the internet and the U.S. Postal Service lead me to decent boots?

…to be continued!

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