random ten

  1. Stay With Me The Small Faces

    So, in the mornin’, please don’t say you love me
    ‘Cause you know I’ll only kick you out the door
    Yeah, I’ll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne,
    Just don’t be here in the mornin’ when I wake up.

  2. So Ghetto Jay-Z

    You’ll be wearing a black suit a long time
    I put your crew in hard bottoms
    The priest is like, “God’s got him
    He never did nuttin to nobody but them boys shot him”

  1. Take A Heart The Sorrows

    First you take a heart
    Then you break a heart
    But before you do,
    You make him fall for you

  2. Don’t Be Fooled Heavenly

    Have you ever wanted to have a fight for the one you love?
    Want someone to shout at, instead of to shout a, shout a, shout about.
    Have you ever needed somebody to shake you up?
    Have you ever wanted to see, how much he’d bleed,
    If you kicked him in the teeth?

  3. Sugar April March
    chickfactor interview

  4. I Was Meant For the Stage The Decemberists
    overcompensating episode

  5. Oh Yeah Stereo Total

    “Oh Yeah” is a fast instrumental-Rock’a’Billy-airplane-taking-off-jetter. The organ melody of San Reimo made it an absolute classic. Looking at the world through a high pitched tape-delay.

  6. Born to be Bad The Runaways

    I called my mother from Hollywood the other day
    And I said “Mom, I just called to tell ya I joined a rock and roll band
    And I won’t be coming home no more”

  7. Gossip Folks [f/ Ludacris] Missy Elliott

    Musi ques
    I sews on bews
    I pues a twos on que zat
    Pue zoo
    My kizzer
    Pous zigga ay zee

  8. An Endless Supply The Thermals

    every call you never made
    every call you waited for and never came
    every ancient sound that’s passed to your ears
    in an endless supply of ones and zeroes

One Response to “random ten”

  1. K.C. says:

    Greetings to my kind of people,

    Enlighten me with some info about introverts, loners and outsiders.

    That’s where I’m at. Hoping someone will pass on anything and everything about such.



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