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this year’s charities

Just as a point of reference, the following are the charities I’m supporting this year through my employer’s United Way campaign. We’re able to designate any 501(c)(3) charities along with or instead of the United Way on our form, so I’m taking advantage of this.

Anyway, if you felt like kicking in a few dollars along with me, that would be cool.

random ten

  1. Stay With Me The Small Faces

    So, in the mornin’, please don’t say you love me
    ‘Cause you know I’ll only kick you out the door
    Yeah, I’ll pay your cab fare home, you can even use my best cologne,
    Just don’t be here in the mornin’ when I wake up.

  2. So Ghetto Jay-Z

    You’ll be wearing a black suit a long time
    I put your crew in hard bottoms
    The priest is like, “God’s got him
    He never did nuttin to nobody but them boys shot him”

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