why the ipod shuffle is not for me

From Apple’s iPod Shuffle FAQ

Can I take a friend’s iPod shuffle and browse or play its content on my machine (like I can with other iPods)?
No, there is no manual mode that allows you to view or play the content from a friend’s iPod shuffle on your computer. This also means that you cannot load music from multiple computers or iTunes libraries onto iPod shuffle like you can with other iPods.


Can I use iTunes to view the songs on my iPod shuffle like I can with other iPods?
No. The iPod shuffle icon that displays in the iTunes Source list is actually a special playlist (like Party Shuffle).It lists which songs in the library are currently configured to be sent to iPod shuffle, but not what’s currently on the unit. If you see a bullet by a song, it indicates that the song was not sent to iPod shuffle. See “Some songs in your iTunes library aren’t copied to your iPod” for reasons why songs were not sent to iPod shuffle.

In sum, once you have loaded music onto the iPod Shuffle from one computer, you can’t plug the Shuffle into any other computer to listen to the music. You can either load it up with music at home and listen to it on the way to work, or you can load it up with music at work and listen to it on the way home. What you can’t do is plug it into your work computer and listen to the music you loaded up at home. This is different from how other iPods work.

If this situation is someone’s sick idea of copyright protection, it’s just stupid.

14 Responses to “why the ipod shuffle is not for me”

  1. Wow! Thanks for the info… I knew iPod shuffle sucks!

  2. Erik says:

    other than it holds the moniker “ipod” why would does anyone want a featureless clunker like the 1gb shuffle. Gee, for cheaper I can get a 1gb flash drive/mp3 player with lcd, equilizer, and FM receiver from Sandisk. It’s not about copy protection, it’s about running the marketing buzz on the name “ipod” into the ground to see more of the al-ighty-ollar. why else is the superbowl going to feature the returning launch of the Pepsi/Itunes giveaway… need. more. buzz.

    And Donna needs some Paula Abdul on her Ipod, not Mariah. On the Adult Contemporary scale (aka no rap) Paula is way higher than Mariah; but still nowhere near Brian Adams.

  3. tew says:

    It’s really just this “feature” that bothers me about the Shuffle — I think it’s a fair price and a good product, in general. I used to be a knee-jerk Apple basher (too expensive! too slow! too much hype!) but a few years of experience with the products leads me to believe that what you’re paying for with an Apple is the thought that went into it. Maybe it’s just my comfortable urban DINK lifestyle that makes me willing to pay a premium for good design.

  4. tew says:

    Also, Mariah is sooo much crazier than Paula, and crazy == good.

  5. thatbob says:

    Tew, don’t be a dupe. The shuffle sucks me up and down. Maybe that’s why your turnaround defense is so meager. If you want to argue that it doesn’t suck, put some time and effort into it. And then be ready fo da flames. Sucka.

  6. ed says:

    The shuffle is for beginners, and it’s a low end player without many features. The chip inside is a cheap POS. That said, it’s not too bad for a cheap mp3player.If you are an Apple lover, you just better pray that the cheap crap ( cheap controller chip, bare bones approach) doesn’t filter up into the regular iPods.

  7. mariah says:

    Heartbreaker, you got the best of me, but I just keep on coming back, incessantly.

  8. FrancoD says:

    I think I’ll pass on the shuffle until they get the bugs out. I’ve also heard the sound leaves a lot to be disired ( hissing sounds have been reported ) My iPod 20gb won’t get a baby brother quite yet unfortunately.

  9. kurt says:

    I knew it wasn’t only me who heard an annoying hissing on the shuffle. I sold mine for $90 so it wasn’t a loss or anything. I have pretty a lot of reviews and instead of actually saying what they hear, they mention statistics. Hmm… I am more concerned with what I hear! Anyway, if you don’t have good ears, you probably won’t be bothered by a little hissing noise in the iPod shuffles. I read this review on shopping.com which confirmed what I heard on mine:


    This is a top reviewer and not an apple basher. Shuffle’s shouldn’t be called ipods IMHO. They’re just too cheaply made internally and hopefully wont give the real iPods a bad name.

  10. jodie says:

    If you have a hissing problem with your shuffle, contact apple support.

  11. Kim says:

    I dont have any hissing during the songs at all and it sounds good to me as it plays the music. There is a small chirp sound during the shuffle inbetween songs. I just got this today so I’ll wait to see if it clears up. Hissing sounds horrible. Im sure you can return it

  12. fanatic says:

    The shuffle probably costs about 35 bucks to make. Apple went to Sigmatel for the chip instead of the normal iPod chip because the iPod chip is too expensive probably. Let’s hope this doesn’t become a trend to save money and produce inferior products. If they start using cheap materials in the larger iPods, the whole iPod craze could collapse. Besides being a joke ( life is random lol) I think its an ugly, cheap POS– just one man’s opinion. -the fanatic

  13. bob vargas says:

    my name is bob and I hate the iPod shuffle. Screens should be mandatory with 1gb. All the lemmings buy this piece of crap because they are fools. Have fun finding your songs.

  14. TIMORIN says:

    Creative ( zen) dell ( dj) and sigmatel ( shuffle) all are in bed together. Jobs knows that but wanted to get the shuffle made dirt cheap so he used the cheap chip from sigmatel and sigmatel wants the hard drive business so they gave apple the chip for a song so to speak. Apple would be crazy to put a cheap bill of good in the real iPods. That would mark the end to the iPod and of Apple.

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